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Odour Control on MBT Plants

Turn-key odor control systems including designing and suplying of air collection piping network, scrubbing systems and organic or inorganic biofilters.


Open biofilter on a MBT plant for 50.000 m3/h. Eficiency outlet of 1500 OU and 1 mg/m3 of H2S

More photos:

  • Odor control on a MBT plant for 500.000 m3/h. Includes an initial chemical stage to remove N and S derivates followed by a closed biofilter to polishing the gas and remove VOC's
  • Biofilter odor control unit in a MBT Plant
  • Odor control on a MBT plant for 500.000 m3/h. Detail of initial stage chemical scrubbers.
  • Biofilter installed over fermentation building roof with previous air conditioning to avoid biomedia nitrification. Flow 90.000 Nm3/h
  • Acidic treatment of high load aire with 100 ppm of ammonia coming from fermentation tunnels, in a MBT plant for 200.000 Tm/year.
  • Humidifying system for high and low load air lines, before entering the biofilter in a compost plant
  • Placement of support grill for biomedia, through specific telescopic columns with the advantage of elimination of  civil works
  • Piping net on polypropylene at the entrance of biofilter
  • Organic biofilter Biomix, installed in Portugal. Flow: 150.000 Nm3/h.
  • Network of pipes in polypropylene.Classification and presses areas.
  • Biofilter with humidification with organic biomedia
  • Biofilters with biomasa Biomix: Flow 50.000 Nm3h
  • Biofilters assembly stage. Flow 500.000 m3h. Inorganic support biomasa



Odour Control on MBT plants

TECNIUM develops the engineering and provides the necessary equipment for Air Treatment and Odor Control installations in MBT plants, producing composting or biogas.

Several international references of capacities up to 350,000 Tm/year and air flows up to 500,000 Nm3/h per installation backup our experience.

These plants, from air treatment point of view, can be divided into several parts according to composition and concentration of pollutants:

A- Pretreatment Zone (Reception, Classification and Feeders):

The air collected in these areas are considered of LOW LOAD (low NH3 contain) and can be extracted from local intakes or room intakes.

Treatment consists of humidification stage followed by organic biofilter systems.

If the presence of pollutants in these air flows is very low, these aire can be used as refresh air for fermentation zone.

B- Fermentation Zone

The organic fraction coming out from pretreatment can be treated 2 ways:

B.1. Aerobically to produce "compost" with different technologies using tunnels, trenches, solar drying (sludge drying), bucket wheel.

In this case, the gaseous emissions are considered HIGH LOAD with important presence of NH3 and the solution to treat them requires the use of acidic scrubbers, humidification and organic/inorganic biofilters.

B.2. Anaerobic digesters, if this case biogas is generated and used to produce electrical power. The residual sludge coming out from digesters is then stabilized and an odor control unit similar to previous one is required.

C- Maturation and Screening Zones

Finally, the compost is stabilized in the maturation area subsequently passing the refining area where the thick fraction is removed.

The air collection is usually done by room intakes and is considered of LOW LOAD, receiving a similar treatment as to pretreatment.

Main Advantges:

  • Optimization of air intakes (room changes or dynamical air movement) in order to minimize total air flow to be treated.
  • Close/open/modular organic/inorganic biofilter, discharing directly to the atmosphere or trough stack.
  • Turn-key projects
  • Removal efficiencies over 99%
  • Complete automation and Ethernet link
  • Maintenance Contracts

Type of used biomedia:

  • Organic type Biomix
  • Organic type Pine Cork
  • Inorganic type Expanded Structured Clay

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