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Plastic Pumps

Process Pumps

Standardized pumps as per EN 22858 / ISO-5199. Heavy duty process pumps for a continuos operation. Wide range of plastic materials and mechanical seals, selected chemically and mechanically to resist the handled fluid. Flows up to 1.500 m3/h and heads up to 120 mlc.

Process Pumps: BN series

Chemical Plastic Process Pumps acc. to EN 22858 / ISO 2858 / ISO-5199

Pumps to handle corrosive and abrassive fluids in a heavy duty configuration.

  • Flow up to 1.500 m3/h (6.600 gpm)
  • Heads up to 150 mcl (500 ft )
  • With mechanical seal
  • Built in solid plastic
  • In accordance to European directives of Safety on machines CE
  • ATEX versions available

Technical Advantages

  • Transmission of the mechanical torque to the impeller by key and a big surface steel core.
  • Mechanical seal seating without strain upon plastic body.
  • Removable shatf sleeve, independent from impeller.
  • Mechanical seal cover absolutely prevents corrosives dispersion
  • DIN 2501 flanges (also available ANSI 150 lbs)

Mechanical Seal

Designed to admit any mechanical seal available in the market.

  • IP: simple internal mechanical seal SiC/SiC
  • IF: simple internal mechanical seal PTFE/Ceramic
  • SF: simple external mechanical seal  PTFE/Ceramic
  • DE: double external mechanical seal 

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Materials of Construction:

  • PP
  • PVDF
  • E-CTFE
  • PVC
  • PTFE

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Maintenance of TECNIUM pumps is minimum, even under Industry's hardest duty conditions. Its design allows the separation of engine, frame, impeller, shaft and mechanical seal without disassembling neither suction nor discharge pipes.

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