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Gas Treatment Technologies

Absorption: TECNIUM-CHEM

Under this technology Tecnium supply multiple systems for gas treatment and odor control based on water or chemical absorption using wet scrubbers, jet venturis and cyclons.


Absorption 1

More photos:

  • Odor Control Unit for 20.000 m3/h. General View with Chemical Scrubbers and Automatic Dosing System
  • Absoprtion 3
  • Absorption 7
  • Absorption 9


Absorption: TECNIUM-CHEM

In most of the occassion pollutants contained in gases to be treated are susceptible to be oxidized or absorbed in alkaline or acidic medium.

So nitrogen derivates (NH3, R-NH, etc) are susceptible to be absorbed in acidic medium while sulfur derivatives (H2S, R-SH, R-S-S-R, etc) are likely to be absorbed in alkaline medium or susceptible to oxidation. The organic carbon derivatives (R-COH, R-CO-R and VOC in general) in some case can be decompose into CO2 and H2O when subjected to energetic oxidation.


  • Without limiting flow to treat
  • High efficiency
  • Most common reagents used
  • Totally automated process, so keeping human interventions to a minimum


It is a very used technology in the treatment of mid-high flows:

  • Waste water treatment plants: Pumping stations, thickeners, pre-treatment and deshydration.
  • Composting MBT plants
  • Food industry: Odours coming from sludgeries, treatments of animal fats, fish processing plants
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industry: Gases from reactors vents
  • Incineration gases/inerting

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