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Gas Treatment Technologies

Adsorption Activated Carbon :TECNIUM-CARB

Gas treatment and odor control using porous filtrating medias. Includes adsorption by means of activated carbons, impregnated and non impregnated, catalitic, water regenerable and thermically activated.

Adsorption Activated Carbon: TECNIUM-CARB

In most cases the pollutants contained in gases have very low perception thresholds (mercaptans, VOC's, H2S, ...) and the granular carbon can adsorb and fix them to its surface, due to its high porosity and intermolecular forces of attraction.

Proper selection of type of activated carbon is critical, as well as sizing of tower, materials, dimensions, etc.


  • Easy to assembly
  • Low cost of investment
  • Low maintenance costs (regeneration, renewal and energy consumed)
  • Reduced space lay-out


Is a widely used technology in the treatment of middle-low flow rates such as:

  • Wastewater treatment plants: Pumping station, thickeners, pretreatment and dehydration
  • Food industry: In particular the treatment of gaseous emissions from roasting processes, processing and cooking fats
  • Chemical Industry: Elimination of volatile organic compounds (VOC's), gases from reactor vents and heavy metal removal

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