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Gas Treatment Technologies

Adsorption High Performance :TECNIUM-K

Gas treatment and odor control by means of high performance media. Includes adsorptions using impregnated activated aluminas combined with various types of activated carbon and zeolites.

Adsorption High Performance: TECNIUM-K

In most cases, the pollutants contained in gases have very low perception thresholds (mercaptans, VOCs, H2S, ...) and some materials can adsorb and fix them to its surface, thanks to its high porosity and intermolecular attraction forces.

The use of high performance medias adsorbs a broad spectrum of pollutants, due to the combination of different absorbing materials. TEC-K material composed of carbon and impregnated zeolites and T-AL/TC consisting of impregnated aluminas and thermally activated adsorber. This combination facilitates the dual action of adsorption and initial oxidation and final alkaline neutralization obtaining a great high efficiency.

They have the advantage of having a higher capacity for adsorption of pollutants than traditional activated carbon, and a larger spectrum of contaminants that can be removed. Also can work with gases with high moisture contents.


  • Applicable on saturated gases up to to 95% humidity at full efficiency
  • High efficiency in gases with presence of VOC's, H2S, NH3, R-SH, R-NH
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low maintenance costs (regeneration, renewal and energy consumption)
  • Reduced space lay-out


It is a technology used in the treatment of lower-medium flows, such as:

  • Industrial applications with high variety and pollutant concentration

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