Waste Water Treatment Plants

Several of our applications are related to the water treatment. On water potabilization plants and urban or industrial waste water treatment plants as well, we can present a lot of references in odor control units and gas treatment, modular covers and storage and pumping of corrosive fluids.

Since either in pretreatment, sludge or secondary treatments, we offer a range of solutions for odor removal through organic or inorganic biological systems, chemical scrubbers, activated carbon or high performance adsorbents media.


  • Absorption 1 Odor Control Units on WWTP

    Odor control is a critical point on such type of plants. TECNIUM accounts more than 1000 references of such type of installations of big, medium and small size.

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  • Reagent Storage FRP Tanks in Water Treatment Plant Storage Plastic / FRP Tanks for Chemicals

    Tecnium offers all type of plastic tanks to store the usual reagents used in this type of applications (sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, ferric chloride, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, aluminium sulfate, etc). Plastic tanks made out ot FRP, PE, PP, PVC, etc.

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  • Modular circular cover with wide bridge Covers for Desanders, Thickeners, ...

    Often one way to improve processes in a WWTP and minimize energy consumption is to cover some part of the plant specially the installation that produces high odor concentrations, which help as well to reduce the total flow of air to be treated in the odor control units thus reducing it size, price and cost of operation.

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Gas Treatment Technologies

  • Organic Biofilter in a Food Industry for Odor Control Biofiltration: TECNIUM-BIO

    The use of environmental friendly technologies has been the motor of researching lines of last decades. This has allowed us to put up to date systems for gas cleaning and odor control through organic and inorganic biofilters

  • Biotrickling TECNIUM BIO-TR Biotrickling: TECNIUM BIO-TR

    The high efficiency of BIO-TR enables the reconversion of your chemical scrubber installation by removing the reagents consumption and so removing the chemical products storage in your facilities.

  • Absorption 1 Absorption: TECNIUM-CHEM

    Under this technology Tecnium supply multiple systems for gas treatment and odor control based on water or chemical absorption using wet scrubbers, jet venturis and cyclons.

  • Adsorption TECNIUM K Adsorption High Performance :TECNIUM-K

    Gas treatment and odor control by means of high performance media. Includes adsorptions using impregnated activated aluminas combined with various types of activated carbon and zeolites.

  • Adsorption TECNIUM CARB Adsorption Activated Carbon :TECNIUM-CARB

    Gas treatment and odor control using porous filtrating medias. Includes adsorption by means of activated carbons, impregnated and non impregnated, catalitic, water regenerable and thermically activated.

Plastic Pumps

  • Plastic Pumps serie BT Vertical Sump Pumps

    Wide range of plastic sump pumps cantilevered shaft with dry running possibility, specially indicated for liquids with particles.

    Flows up to 500 m3/h and heads up to 100 mlc

  • Plastic Pumps serie BV Vertical External Pumps

    Range of external vertical pumps, glandless with dry running capability, specially indicated for liquids with particles.

    Flows up to 1.200 m3/h and heads up to 150 mlc

  • Plastic Pumps serie BN Process Pumps

    Standardized pumps as per EN 22858 / ISO-5199. Heavy duty process pumps for a continuos operation. Wide range of plastic materials and mechanical seals, selected chemically and mechanically to resist the handled fluid. Flows up to 1.500 m3/h and heads up to 120 mlc.

  • Plastic pumps serie BHC Direct Coupled Pumps

    Direct coupled pumps. Hydraulic performance and dimensions as per EN 22858. Economic solution althoutgh reliable due to heavy duty construction, equal to standardized process pumps.

    Flows up to 250 m3/h and heads up to 100 mlc.

  • Plastic Pumps serie BK Magnetic Drive Pumps

    Range of magnetic drive pumps with dry running capability.

    Flows up to 50 m3/h and heads up to 45 mlc.

Plastic / FRP Tanks

  • Plastic tanks Plastic / FRP Tanks

    Plastic, FRP and/or dual laminate tanks, vessels, reactors, stacks.

    Capacities up to 200.000 l.

    Pressure equipment (PED).

  • Detail of FRP gratting Valves,Grattings,Ladders and Handrails

    Range of plastic valves: automatic regulation, safety, relief.

    Grattings, ladders and handrails manufactured in GRP.

    Corrosion resistant levels, optical, continuos electric reading or alarm

Modular Plastic Covers in FRP

  • Modular Covers for Thickenners (D=16m) Modular Plastic Covers in FRP

    Wide range of modular covers for thickeners,slurry tanks,screw pumps,biological ponds,decanters, pump pits and desanders.

Plastic Fans

  • Plastic Fans Pulleys and Belts Coupled

    Range of plastic fans corrosion resistant for medium/high pressures.

    Flows up to 120.000 m3/h and pressures up to 7.000 Pa.

  • Plastic Fans Direct Coupled

    Range of corrosion resistant plastic fans for medium/low pressure.

    Flows up to 40.000 m3/h and pressures up to 4.500 Pa.

Other sectors available:

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