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Special Equipment and Constructions

When we refers to special equipments we talk about building equipments made out of polyester resin, thermoplastic or double wall laminates which require a very high quality of execution.

Applications in the chlor-alkali, acid production, prodcut synthesis where highly corrosive products, sometimes toxic and dangerous, are used, require constructions with a very high level of quality and reliability.

Our experience includes the suplying of reagents storage tanks, reactors and process scrubbers built in FRP or double wall laminated in PVC, PVDF, C-PVC, PP, PE, E-CTFE, designed, if this is the case, for high operating temperatures and pressures.

The industries involved in these processes have developed along its trajectory, protocols of  manufacturing, safety and quality for its plastic constructions, which has been adopted by TECNIUM to their internal processes.

Design and construction codes:

  • EN-13121
  • NFT-57900
  • BS-4994
  • ASTM-D3299-10
  • UIC Code DT 15 (old Cahier nº 7)
  • Different seismic, snow and wind calculations
  • Various customer specific standards.

TECNIUM has long experience in the construction side, as well as in the preparation of the documentation that accompanies this type of projects.

We also have the relevant international homologations of our plastic welders and GRP laminators.

Finally, a competitive price / quality ratio allowed us to work for most part of customers, demanding such high quality constructions.

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